Talented Team

The creativity of the DPD employees is what makes our company what it is. We are licensed and certified professionals, artists, marketers, graphic designers, and planners, and environmental planners among many other things.

Pix Howell – Principal

Mr. Howell is a Program Manager, Community Planner and Facilitator with over forty years experience in resource planning, policy development and management. Mr. Howell assists communities, counties and municipalities in the development of utilities, transportation, parks, recreation and master plans.

He is a certified planner, program manager and  senior project manager  in charge of coordination, design and implementation of over $2 billion in master plans, infrastructure and development projects.

Pix Howell’s background in urban planning, policy development, land development, recreational planning, utility bundling, major water and wastewater infrastructure, funding strategies, transportation planning and infrastructure implementation provide a unique understanding of the economic impacts of infrastructure within a master planning effort or governmental jurisdiction. Mr Howell is currently serving as a principal of Diverse Planning and Development and as the Urban Design Officer for the City of Leander, Texas, consulting , on both urban and rural projects and works informally with various municipalities and counties on regional policy issues. He also serves on the Technical Advisory Committee to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and is President of the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Central Texas Utilities Development Corporation.

For more information about Pix Howell visit: http://pixhowell.com/

(To learn more about the Coalition of Central Texas Utilities Development Corporation (CCTUDC) visit: http://texansforpublicutilities.org/about/)

Cathy Howell – Principal

Cathy Howell has more than 35 years of graphic design, marketing, fine art and photography experience. You, as a client of Diverse Planning and Development will find her extensive arsenal of talent and passion for surpassing clients expectations a pleasant change from the typical consultant machines.

She is a Principal of Diverse Planning & Development, project manager, graphic artist, marketing director, and has created many hundreds of maps, brochures, reports, proposals, and logos.

Over the years she has created and implemented graphics and curricula to meet the needs and varied learning styles for primary, secondary and college level classes for gifted to challenged students in Texas, Wyoming and Oregon. With these experiences, she is able to translate complex issues such as transportation and community development into graphic representations and concepts the public can understand.  She has formulated and facilitated special events around the state including branding for public/private entities and political campaigns, press packets and coordination of various media companies to promote current issues.

In working with Texas counties and the Texas Department of Transportation since 1999, Cathy has worked with engineers and community leaders to create brochures, maps and exhibits to clarify future road and park bond projects along with state, county, and city transportation connectivity concerns. Through photographic manipulations of existing situations, future possibilities can become a virtual visual reality for a clearer understanding of impact to the environment and communities. In order to meet the multi-layered needs of the clients of Diverse Planning & Development, Cathy utilizes and incorporates multiple file formats to design materials that are camera ready for service bureaus, formatted for web design and electronic presentations.

Ms. Howell has a degree in fine arts specializing in communication design from Texas State University

Moon Reece – Principal

Moon Reece brings Diverse Planning and Development innovative graphic driven design.  She creates project marketing and information collateral.

Moon Reece has over 18 years experience in Graphic Design as well as 20 years experience in 2 and 3 dimensional fine art.  Moon’s talents have created dynamic advertising, graphic design, product identity, and marketing packages.

Moon has produced art for presentations, documents and events, which included: City and County documents; and invitation and thematic design for special celebrations and political events and fundraising. One of her favorite illustrations to create for you is a family tree.  This combines her love of family history and watercolor. Taking the commonplace and making it special, bringing a warm and interesting impression to a dull subject, retrieving damaged images and making them clear and familiar, are some of her special talents. Her work fits the old adage, “silk purse from a sow’s ear”.

Cim Howell – Principal

Cim Howell is a Project Manager, Scientist, and Environmental Planner. Mr. Howell’s responsibilities include development of business opportunities and the necessary research associated with determination of project parameters and possible partnerships. Clients who desire business development with communities, counties and key individuals relevant to a project scope will find their goals enhanced and facilitated by his knowledge and experience. His capabilities will aid in development of contacts and his research and understanding of regulatory process guidelines necessary to accomplish project goals will encourage quick resolution of conflict. Cim Howell’s assistance in development of a business plan and scoping team requirements for complex public-public-private partnerships will ease the way for successful forward movement. You, as a client will appreciate his analytical mind and organized thought process as he puts words to your complex project issues and persuades with reason to simplify and resolve.