Our Story

In October of 1996, Diverse Planning & Development (DPD) was created to provide comprehensive development planning; land use strategies; project management; public relations; and policy development services for the Central Texas area.

Overall, the company can be characterized as a project planning development and management service that provides advice and planning for successful development of resources. DPD offers over 30 years of design, project analysis and planning experience with the full spectrum of land use elements.

Diverse Planning & Development (DPD) has evolved over the past 15 years to include marketing and graphic design.  The convenience and simbiotic nature of the in-house creation of graphic representations and concepts of complex issues such as transportation and community development draws the public’s understanding closer to your goal.

DPD provides a front-end strategy for the successful and timely development of project’s goals. DPD also provides policy planning and paradigm identification for clients, that can assure reasonable, sustainable development and growth. Personal commitment to, and the constant attendance to, project completion and follow through, insures positive project realization from initial discussions through graphic presentations.

DPD is an innovative, technically attuned service, capable of interface with existing system technologies, current agency data requirements, and business communication methodologies. DPD will provide the overall project planning and management services necessary for innovative project concepts.